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We all know that there are certain safety rules for the production and operation of any mechanical equipment. The sand and gravel Department of Huacheng heavy industry has carried out safety education for employees in different positions. Although the employees of the sand making machine production line with many years of experience have a certain sense of safety, it is emphasized again that the real safety first is to produce. Today, the gravel Department of Huacheng carries out safety operation education for planers from the current point of view. We briefly list the following four safety points of the production line

first, the workpiece should be firmly clamped, and attention should be paid to avoid collision with the tool rest and beam

second, when the machine tool is running, the operator should not stop on the carriage or the machined parts of the carriage, nor stand in the direction of the floor to observe the processing. No part of the human body should be placed between the running carriage and the gantry

the electronic tensile testing machine is composed of measuring system, driving system, control system and computer (computer system tensile testing machine). Third, during the operation of the planer, it is not allowed to measure the workpiece with a ruler or template, nor correct or knock it

fourth, when adjusting speed and direction, and correcting workpieces and tools, it is necessary to stop the machine

the production line of sand making machine is a production process of close cooperation and coordination between employees of all departments and posts. Only by doing a good job in the safety of each step of production can the production of the whole sanding machine be carried out in an orderly manner. It is also the hope of the metal sanding machine manufacturers that the makers of new energy vehicles are also vigorously trying to implement spray free materials, which also controls the price of the sanding machine. (end)

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