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Four key points of hardware and electric tool dealers' mutual borrowing channels

in recent years, the hardware industry and ordinary consumer goods have undergone significant changes in marketing patterns. Generally speaking, the hardware industry marketing belongs to a typical bulk trade, and its sales characteristics and channel structure are also very different from ordinary consumer goods. In recent years, significant changes have taken place in the marketing form between the hardware industry and ordinary consumer goods. Generally speaking, the marketing of the hardware industry belongs to a typical bulk trade, and its sales characteristics and channel structure are also very different from ordinary consumer goods. Distribution channels tend to be flat, and some new hardware hypermarkets and large markets have emerged, while some operators and large dealers have also established their own brands, which conflict with the retail strategy of enterprises. The traditional channels of the industry are showing the development trend of scale, diversification, modernization, centralization, internationalization and mainstreaming. The project team of hardware industry buyers' word-of-mouth list learned that in the context of the rise of e-commerce channels, some traditional channel dealers began to consider mutual borrowing channels to achieve win-win results with more peers

four key points of mutual borrowing channels

1. Take integrity as the cornerstone of cooperation

now, dealers have different resource advantages, and mutual borrowing channels can achieve win-win results. But in modern business, the primary premise of win-win is integrity

if the dealer cares very much about what I can get from the mutual borrowing channel, rather than what we can get together after the mutual borrowing channel, it will lay hidden dangers for future cooperation. Mutual borrowing channels are not to hand over all their existing customers to the other party if they are not cleared regularly, but to classify their own products according to channels, and then exchange products suitable for the other party's channels with products suitable for their own channels. This requires both parties to be honest. Without honesty, there is no basis for cooperation

2. Choose differentiated products

because they borrow channels from each other, dealers should try to find differentiated products to borrow channels from each other. Why choose products with differences? The reason is that although the sales channels are different, if the positioning of products is similar, the mutual borrowing channels will affect the original product sales. Therefore, dealers who borrow from each other should allocate the variety of products, so that there are differences in the variety, which is beneficial to the channel sales of both sides, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing sales. Because multi control of slow response varieties can give distribution customers more opportunities to choose to purchase, which is helpful to the original product sales

3. Control your own channels

in the process of mutual borrowing channels, dealers had better exchange the products distributed by both parties at equal value instead of cash settlement. For example, dealers who expand circulation make profits from their original products through volume. If they borrow the network of the terminal, the profits of the products will inevitably increase compared with the original; The terminal dealers can increase product sales by borrowing the network resources of circulation channels

although the channels are borrowed from each other, the power and operation of controlling the channels still belong to their respective dealers. Dealers should be very clear about this. Never occupy others' territory through mutual borrowing, because no one will give up their control over the channels through mutual borrowing

4. Reach a consensus on profit distribution

selling products will generate profits, but there is a difference in the recognition of profits between dealers who become large circulation and dealers who become terminals. Because dealers who are used to large circulation follow the precautions for the use of horizontal tensile testing machines: what they want is small profits and quick turnover, rapid circulation, rapid rolling of funds, and the pursuit of maximizing sales; The terminal dealers emphasize the maximization of product profits, so on this point, dealers who borrow channels from each other can reach a consensus on the distribution of profits in order to cooperate friendly with each other

matters that must be paid attention to in the mutual borrowing channel

in the specific operation, dealers in the mutual borrowing channel should also pay attention to the following two issues in the process of cooperation:

1. Whether the product positioning is consistent

because it is a mutual borrowing channel, it is necessary to understand whether the products distributed by the other party are high-end products, medium-end products, or low-end products. Although the two dealers unite with each other, it seems that they will be stronger than before, but if the product positioning of the two dealers is different, it is of little significance to borrow channels from each other

for example, if you are a large circulation distributor of low-grade Baijiu and he is a distributor of high-grade beer, then you can't show the advantage of alliance by borrowing channels between you. Because your subordinate sales network is dominated by county and town wholesale customers in your city, while the distribution of high-end beer reaches county-level cities at most. Therefore, the channels needed for low-grade products are vertical channels, while the circulation channels for high-grade products are horizontal channels. Just imagine, will someone drink a bottle of Baijiu for 10 yuan in a star hotel? Or is there anyone in the town who often drinks a bottle of beer worth dozens of yuan? It can be seen that the borrowing of channels must pay attention to whether the joint product target markets of both sides are consistent

2. Learn the management experience of different channels

as a dealer with different channel resources, using the mutual borrowing of channels can increase the profits of products, or in order to improve the sales volume of products, which is a phased cooperation

as a distributor of large circulation, through the cooperation with terminal dealers, we should try to understand the specific operation process of terminal channels, be familiar with the management personnel of the hotel, be familiar with the process management before and after delivery, and the payment tools. Therefore, we have adopted the mobile oven to provide the analysis of the payment method of the energy required for solidification, risk prevention, credit limit and other key indicators, control the dead and dead accounts, and carry out reasonable risk control. As a terminal, dealers should take advantage of the opportunity of mutual borrowing channels to go out and understand the downstream channels and downstream terminals

it can be seen that to extend your business tentacles a little, cooperation is not just selling goods. Dealer friends should also pay attention to seize the opportunity of cooperation, learn more management methods of different channels, and become a knowledge-based dealer

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