Four problems in the packaging of the hottest dome

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Four problems of domestic detergent packaging

with the rapid development of domestic washing as the lowest agent in engineering plastics, the detergent packaging that should be developed together with it has exposed some problems. Through interviews with many domestic detergent manufacturers, it is learned that domestic detergent packaging is still unsatisfactory in the following aspects:

first, the appearance of the spray gun is lack of conceptual design

the style of domestic spray gun is backward, The appearance is lack of innovation, and the fineness is poor. Moreover, many domestic enterprises purchase molds directly from abroad, but most of these molds are products that have been eliminated from abroad. After purchasing the molds, the enterprises directly put them into production without using their own ideas, so there is a lack of conceptual design in mold design. This will affect the beauty of the spray gun and the sales of products. Although the domestic spray gun is nearly perfect in function, it still needs to be constantly innovated in appearance

second, the manufacturing level of spray gun mold is low

the production level of spray gun mold in China lags far behind that in foreign countries, and most of the molds are manufactured manually, and very few are semi-automatic production lines. The accuracy of the moulds produced in this way is not high, and the difference of production level leads to the large tolerance value of moulds. For example, a mould can produce dozens of products, but there are certain differences between products. If the difference is large, the matching of products is difficult to achieve. Moreover, this hand-made mold leads to serious oil leakage in the production oil circuit system or poor sealing of the spray gun from the broken oil pipe. With the expansion of the sales radius, the airtightness of the spray gun should be suitable for the long-distance transportation of products. It is not allowed to turn off the spray gun during transportation, and the contents will leak out

III. the speed of heat shrinkable packaging machine is slow

the slow speed of heat shrinkable packaging machine affects the work efficiency. At the same time and the same power consumption, compared with foreign advanced equipment, domestic equipment has low efficiency, which will cause a waste of human and material resources. If the packaging cost is not calculated carefully, it is difficult for the enterprise to improve its profits

IV. uneven temperature control of the heat shrinkable furnace

if the blower inside the heat shrinkable furnace is of poor quality and the heating pipes are arranged unevenly, then in production, the temperature will rise and fall, causing local damage and perforation to the heat shrinkable film, wrinkling during shrinkage, resulting in low yield of enterprise products

there is still a big gap between domestic detergent packaging and foreign ones. It will be a good thing to solve the above problems in domestic detergent packaging as soon as possible and improve product packaging quality for improving enterprise work efficiency and profits. According to media reports,

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