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Four opportunities that cannot be missed in the business intelligence (BI) market

as early as 2001, a survey conducted by Silicon Valley dynamics on the CIOs of 103 enterprises showed that in the next two years, among the informatization projects that CIOs will give top priority to implement, business intelligence will rank first, and it is expected that business intelligence will account for 37.2% of the overall demand of the informatization market. In recent years, the rapid development of business intelligence has verified the prediction of silicon valley power that year

especially since 2005, with the acceleration of China's informatization process, business intelligence has achieved rapid development in China. The market demand is large, the industry application is expanded, and the market sales of business intelligence (BI) software has reached 1.015 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 54.96%. In 2006, the application scope was further expanded, the application success rate was further improved, and the market demand was further increased. Government affairs, finance, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing and other industries have an all-round outbreak of demand for the application of business intelligence technology, and have achieved successful implementation experience in 13 industries in the application of typical cases. All these indicate that a new development stage and development opportunity of business intelligence are coming

while the business intelligence market is developing by leaps and bounds, new market opportunities are gradually emerging, with a maximum take-off weight of 72 tons: integrated products integrating various technologies are urgently needed; It is in urgent need of integrated development with geographic information system; There is an urgent need for innovative products to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises; The training, consultation and supervision of Bi projects are urgently needed. Only strong market demand can create more market opportunities. It will be very urgent to grasp and understand these needs, which is also the new growth point of the business intelligence market

seize the opportunity means a variety of technology integration emerging business opportunities

currently, the leading business intelligence market is mainly business objects, IBM, NCR, SAS and other large multinational companies with branches in China. Domestic manufacturers mainly enter the Bi field, such as analyzer Bi of BenQ Zhulu company, the "financial smart warehouse" of Shanghai Boke company, fit and businesspower of Guangzhou fenette software, and gamutdi, a data integration tool of Beijing Jindao JIAYE company. Although UFIDA, Kingdee, Boke and other companies have also integrated some multi-dimensional analysis functions, flexible reporting functions and other business intelligence functions into their products, due to the imperfect development of the domestic business intelligence market, they have not yet formed a high-end and low-end matching, channel dynamic circle, and specific operation testing. In the static independent loading system, there is a sound and functional market pattern and an orderly competition environment, It is not enough to meet the derivative needs of applied enterprises, the incremental needs of applied industries, and the potential needs of small and medium-sized enterprises that are about to become new customers

the development trend of Bi product market is from current preliminary application to extended application. This expansion includes three levels of connotation: both extended application expansion to used customers, promotion and application expansion to new customers, and innovative application expansion to small and medium-sized enterprises

this trend requires not only the substantial promotion of the application of data warehouse modeling and data mining, but also the integration of Bi technology with ERP, CRM, enterprise portal and other technologies. Especially in the management software solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, ERP and CRM manufacturers will embed BI solutions into their ERP or CRM systems for integrated use or function extension

according to the statistical survey conducted in chinabi, more than half of people hold a positive attitude towards domestic BI products, believing that they have powerful functions and good performance, and are more suitable for national conditions

seizing the opportunity to integrate geographic information systems is a big market

at present, a prominent problem in the application of business intelligence is that a large number of unstructured data in data warehouses contain geographic information and other features with "regional" or "regional" characteristics, which often become a "value factor" that affects the improvement of enterprise management and the increase of benefits

for example, how to choose the best delivery route and send mail to different postal areas? How to choose the new store development address according to the number of residents, customer flow and development trend in different regions? How to arrange fire sprinkler facilities according to different business areas, customer flows and commodity types

many successful application cases show that geographic information factors are often considered in the process of data mining with business intelligence. Integrating intelligent analysis tools and GIS tools often produces value-added benefits. Therefore, in practice, some users also integrate GIS with mainstream transaction processing applications and databases, add complex location data to business intelligence analysis tools, and integrate and utilize them. They even closely combine the multi factor analysis of site model affecting store location selection with the resource utilization of unstructured spatial information database, which strengthens the site selection ability and improves the value of Bi mining

in foreign countries, this integration of business intelligence and geographic information system has long attracted attention. For example, a decision-making system based on geographic information applied in baseball field abroad is not only a location selection tool, but also used for marketing decision support to answer how many customers are there near the baseball field? What is the estimated delivery cost? What is the expected sales volume on the day of the competition? These analyses will play an important role in the daily marketing management of the baseball field. In addition, business intelligence and geographic information system (GIS) are widely used in advertising decision-making analysis to target customers within a certain range from the store, which has important reference value for many Chinese advertising enterprises

seize the opportunity to develop the gold mine of small and medium-sized enterprises

large enterprises are the main application of Bi, but with the deepening of informatization, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises gradually put forward a strong demand for management software. CCID consultants predicts that the market demand for Bi applications by domestic small and medium-sized enterprises will rise from 32.7% in 2005 to 42.5% in 2006, becoming a new bright spot in the market. However, the current market is in urgent need of innovative products to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises

the energy release of BI application needs of small and medium-sized enterprises is different from that of large enterprises. However, a considerable number of software vendors have not seen this, especially the new demand of small and medium-sized enterprises. Taking model selection as an example, the model selection requirements of large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises are fundamentally different

according to the 2005 China business intelligence survey report released by chinabi, there will be "three certainties" in the selection of small and medium-sized enterprises at present: we will pay more attention to whether the business model of business intelligence conforms to the enterprise's own situation; We will pay more attention to whether business intelligence solutions are really suitable for enterprise business and development; We will pay more attention to whether it can really meet the potential needs of the enterprise at this stage and in the future, and improve the accuracy and efficiency of enterprise decision-making

the survey of the report shows that 82% of the respondents will consider whether the business model conforms to the actual situation of the enterprise, and 70% of the respondents will consider whether there are successful cases in the industry, followed by the requirements for brand and after-sales service. From this analysis, we can know that the innovation model and successful cases suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises are the most urgent task in front of Bi manufacturers

seize the opportunity to tap the training, consulting and supervision market

at present, Bi manufacturers are actively seeking training agents and cooperating with colleges and universities to promote product training services. Business objects, NCR, SAS and other companies have carried out international certification of product training. However, the current Bi training is mostly for manufacturers and products, and there is a lack of unified standards and authoritative teaching materials. The general socialized training has not yet formed a certain scale and momentum. Therefore, Bi is short of seamless cylinder talent resources, especially a large number of project leaders with implementation experience

in terms of consulting services for domestic Bi projects, at present, most of them are targeted pre-sales consulting for Bi manufacturers, while the after-sales service is not standardized. A large number of successful cases applied in 13 industries are still lack of summary and improvement. Therefore, their experience and lessons have not become public resources

at present, the supervision of domestic Bi projects is still in the pilot stage, lacking sufficient project implementation experience and general social needs. Only a few known projects such as Shanghai Stock Exchange have sought supervisors to ensure project quality. Therefore, the socialized and extensive Bi technology and project implementation training, consultation and supervision work urgently need to be carried out widely

business intelligence 123

business intelligence mainly refers to an information resource development and value development activity that collects, integrates and analyzes scattered data, extracts useful information from it, and uses the information after value enhancement in the process of business decision-making or government decision-making, so as to improve the efficiency of government operation and enhance the operational value of enterprise business activities

the development of business intelligence is a strategic change in the process of informatization development, indicating that informatization construction has begun to turn and improve from infrastructure construction to resource development and value development. It is not only a "value engineering" to benefit from informatization, but also a deep application activity to liberate social productive forces through informatization. The current business intelligence market is characterized by sufficient basic data resources, strong enterprise demand, and rapid expansion of industry applications

after more than ten years of development of enterprise informatization construction in China, the basic business system architecture has been relatively perfect, and the software and hardware conditions and data foundation required for business intelligence applications have begun to take shape. In some industries that implemented information construction earlier, such as finance, communication, power, information services and other departments, its historical data can be described as "massive". This sufficient basic information resource has provided the foundation and possibility for our in-depth information development

business intelligence has a wide range of applications. Therefore, it has become a favorite "super girl" in informatization and has been welcomed and valued by many industries. Business intelligence has achieved typical experience and application cases of successful application in 13 major industries such as finance, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, steel, electronics, health, beer, pharmaceutical insurance, securities, etc., and has accumulated preliminary experience in accelerating the overall development, which will produce extension effects and expansion effects, paving the way for the accelerated development of business intelligence

breaking through the market still needs five magic weapons

in the process of the rapid development of business intelligence, there are the following five urgent problems to be solved. At the same time, they are also the five sharp weapons and magic weapons to break through the calm market:

1 Improve the integration and value-added ability of software

the growing personalized needs of business intelligence users and the continuous expansion of business intelligence industry applications have put forward new requirements for Bi software service providers. This requirement to improve the value-added ability is prominently reflected in the need to improve the integration ability of Bi software

2. Out of the ivory tower of high-end price

Bi software has always been at high-end price. In the market expansion period, the high price strategy of this product will become a barrier, blocking out a considerable number of customers and potential customers

3. Highlighting the focus of value development

how to bring real value to enterprises is the sign of the true maturity of business intelligence applications, and it is also the fundamental purpose of enterprises to adopt business intelligence. Therefore, business intelligence extensible applications and business

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