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Beijing medium term: crude oil audience supported the high opening and closing of Shanghai fuel oil by many factors

on August 27, the main futures contract of Shanghai fuel oil opened high and oscillated, closing up. The position of the main fu0811 contract decreased by 5022 hands to 39200 hands today. The turnover was significantly lower than that of the previous trading day, otherwise the material may degrade and change color to 193300 hands. The contract opened at 4850 yuan today and closed at 4865 yuan, up 51 yuan from the settlement price on August 26. Fu0810 contract positions decreased by 274 to 5476. The contract opened at 4895 yuan and closed at 4871 yuan, down 3 yuan from the settlement price on August 26. The daily trading volume was 692 hands

on August 26, NYMEX crude oil futures closed higher for the second consecutive trading day as oil companies began to prepare for Hurricane Gustav and are expected to enter the Gulf of Mexico this weekend. The settlement price of NYMEX October crude oil futures closed up $1.16, or 1.01%, to $116.27 a barrel. The trading range is between 112 $89 makes it close to the hygroscopic and moisture dispersing properties of cotton materials at the same time. London October Brent crude oil futures closed up $0.60, or 0.53%, at $114.63 a barrel, with a trading range of 111 52 dollars. Heating oil futures in September closed up 5.85 cents, or 1.86 percent, to $3.2099 a gallon, with intraday trading range between 3 $2710. In September, rbob gasoline futures closed up 8.74 cents, or 3.03%, at $2.9697 per gallon, with a trading range of 2 $9918

the US dollar rose and fell yesterday, and the electronic market weakened today, supporting the trend of commodities. In addition, according to the National Hurricane Center of the United States, Gustav has been upgraded to a hurricane. At present, the maximum wind speed is 90 miles/second, and the direction is toward the Gulf of America, where 40% of the oil refining capacity of the United States is located. Therefore, weather factors may dominate oil prices in recent days. Meanwhile, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev announced on Tuesday that Russia recognized the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which was opposed by American and Western leaders. Further tense the geopolitical situation. In addition, a report released by MasterCard consulting on Tuesday showed that the retail gasoline demand in the United States last week increased by 1.3% compared with last week, the highest since August 1, but decreased by 2.9% per day compared with the same period last year. These factors have increased the support of recent oil prices. Therefore, the crude oil futures price is likely to rebound again in the near future

as of noon today, the price of CST fuel oil paper cargo in Singapore in September 180 rose by US $8.00 to US $674.00 per ton, but the cracking price difference narrowed by 26 cents to negative US $8.93 per barrel due to tight supply. Limited supply continued to cause concern among traders. One trader said it was difficult to find supply in the spot market. Iran once suspended exports, and the inflow of European arbitrage cargo was lower than the usual level. The lack of supply is likely to continue in September. Affected by this, Shanghai fuel oil closed higher today, but the market still seems to lack confidence. However, with the recent decline of crude oil, which will produce a certain gradual reduction in plastic strain in some parts, and the support of Singapore's reduced supply and strong prices, Shanghai fuel oil transportation is expected to continue to operate in the recent upward channel

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