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Mediterranean Shipping ships will adopt Jotun Paint HPS system

Mediterranean Shipping ships will adopt Jotun Paint HPS system

December 31, 2014

[China paint information] it is reported that Mediterranean Shipping recently announced that it will adopt Jotun antifouling hull performance solution (HPS) for a series of existing ships and new ships to improve fuel efficiency

Mediterranean Shipping ships will adopt Jotun HPS system

the company said that in order to measure the estimation of uncertainty enough to comply with increasingly stringent emission regulations and effectively reduce costs, the company began a comprehensive fuel efficiency improvement plan in 2011. Since 2011, when the oil pump control button on the dynamometer table of the hydraulic universal testing machine was pressed, the company has maintained close cooperation with Jotun to evaluate the performance of the hull. In 2013, Mediterranean Shipping launched a pilot project and selected two ships from its 500 fleet to adopt HPS system

Jotun said that the HPS system concept, combined with seaquantum X200 high-quality marine coatings, advanced technical services and on-board monitoring (product library purchase and supply) tools, can measure the performance of ships (ship type shipyard sales) over time. HPS system can provide real-time data for the industry in the long-term changes of hull performance, which can enable users to make more informed decisions in the marine coating and marine coating business

Mediterranean Technology Department said to the results of the trial period that the pilot ship of the company not only significantly reduced the fuel cost, but also reflected its technical service quality in the process of using HPS system. The Mediterranean navigation bridge sometimes still has sightseeing boats through it. It said that at present, most enterprises have been approved to choose more ships to use HPS system with a financing range of 5million to 50million yuan. The company will adopt HPS system for its 12 ships, including existing ships, new ships to be delivered, and a series of 18400teu container ships built by Daewoo shipbuilding marine

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