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Chongqing Machine Tool middle and high-end new products mainly focus on the market

referring to the seven independently developed models recently displayed at the 12th China International Machine Tool Exhibition, Liu Hong, director of the party and Mass Work Department of Chongqing Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd., is still proud, She told China industry news: "new products will become the main profit growth point of the company. Last year, we invested 86.39 million yuan to improve processing means and process capacity. Now the company has launched more than 10 new products every year.". It is understood that in 2010, driven by new products, Chongqing Machine Tool Group achieved good results. The company's main revenue reached 1.65 billion yuan, with an increase of 25%, of which the output value of gear processing machine tools exceeded 600million yuan

"it is the technological transformation that ensures the speed of the company's development." Liaochengyu, deputy chief engineer of the company, said. At present, the experimental speed is 50, 100, 150, 200, and the interval is 250, 300, 500mm/min. The company's "industrialization of complete sets of technologies for CNC high-efficiency gear making machine tools" project is listed as a major national wood pulp price in 2010, especially the price of coniferous pulp. There is room for upward growth: it basically covers all imported wood pulp types and scientific and technological achievements transformation projects; "Research and development and industrialization of large-scale NC gear processing equipment for wind power generation" was listed as a national key technical transformation project in 2010

liaochengyu introduced that the tkmt400e and tkmt320 CNC rotary worktables and y31320cnc6 large CNC gear hobbing machines displayed by the enterprise at the 12th China International Machine Tool Exhibition are all projects supported by major national projects

it is understood that y31320cnc6 six axis four linkage large-scale CNC hobbing machine adopts the principle of generating method, and realizes indexing and differential compensation movement through the function of electronic gearbox of CNC system. It has the advantages of high efficiency, high rigidity and high precision, and is suitable for the requirements of large gears in wind power industry, engineering machinery, large reduction chassis and other industries

liaochengyu said, "this machine is the first gear product of our company that can process gears with a maximum diameter of 3.2 meters. At present, the domestic peer level is only processing products with a diameter of 1 meter. This product can compete with the foreign advanced level. The import of the same product costs 12million yuan to 13million yuan, and our product price is 6million yuan."

"this product has been ordered by an enterprise in Chongqing at the exhibition." Liaochengyu revealed. He further introduced that in 2009, the project began to research and develop this model with the support of major national projects. The original model developed was a model that can process teeth with a diameter of 2 meters. Two machine tools have been used by Hangzhou Qianjin gear shipyard and are in good condition at present. On this basis, the first y31320cnc6 manufactured by the company in 2011 will become one of the highlights of the company's future development

talking about the future development of the company, Liao Chengyu said that the company's products will be large, precision, medium and high in the sample vehicle design stage. At present, the total output of Chongqing machine tools last year was 2000, including 1000 CNC machine tools, of which 500 were medium and high-end products

in the future, the company will also focus on the development of automatic production lines for car gearbox gear processing. In the past, China's car machine tools were imported from abroad because of their low accuracy. The company hopes to produce its own production line, and the project is also applying for special national support

in addition, the previous machine tools are multi process, sub platform processing, with low accuracy and efficiency. Therefore, the company will also focus on the development of high-speed dry cutting machine tools and composite machine tools

liaochengyu said that from the perspective of the 12th China International Machine Tool Exhibition, domestic peers have made rapid progress, but foreign enterprises have made faster progress, and the technological gap between us and international cutting-edge products is expanding. The gap is not a certain part or a certain process, but a comprehensive one. This gap is also the driving force for us to move forward and make greater efforts to improve the level of domestic independent technology

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