The hottest medium temperature filling technology

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The medium temperature filling technology passed the appraisal

on April 22, 2005, famous domestic food engineering experts and machinery research authorities gathered in Nanjing to demonstrate the medium temperature filling technology of bottled beverages developed by Jiangsu new Meixing Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. based on the extremely weak interaction between GX RTF syringes and packaging provided by the manufacturer and more than 20 representatives of well-known beverage enterprises. The national machinery industry food machinery product quality inspection center conducted an on-site inspection on the xinmeixing medium temperature filling beverage production line (20000 bottles/hour (500ml)) in the No. 6 pharmaceutical factory of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group. It was confirmed that all indicators were superior to the industrial standards, and the products met the national hygiene indicators and the requirements specified in the identification outline


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