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Medium cone special packaging steel barrel


the barrel body of medium cone special packaging steel barrel is in a cone shape, and its upper end is convex with a ring-shaped reinforcing rib from the barrel mouth. In addition to the above-mentioned cases of sheet metal damage, empty barrels can overlap each other in the process of transportation due to the conical shape of the barrel body, which takes up about 70% of the space from the innovative research and development of new technologies and products, "It is certain that the transportation cost will be greatly saved, making it possible to recycle the steel drums many times, which is conducive to environmental protection and in line with the development trend of green packaging. In addition, the stiffener protruding at the upper end of the barrel from the barrel mouth can increase the strength of the steel drum on the one hand, ensure that the steel drum meets the packaging requirements of class II and class III dangerous chemicals in the international code for the transport of dangerous chemicals, and also play a limiting role when the steel drums are overlapped, so that the overlapped steel There is a certain gap between the conical barrel bodies with inaccurate experimental data, so it is convenient to separate the overlapping steel barrels

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