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Shanghai medium term: demand suppressed the bullish atmosphere of crude oil

on Monday, the settlement price of mymex August crude oil futures fell 21 cents to $140/barrel, between $139.17 - $143.67 in the session, reaching a record high. The EIA report lowered the oil demand of the United States in April, suppressing oil prices, but the market's expectation of $150 is still strong

the main 0809 contract of Shanghai fuel oil opened low and went high today, and the trading volume and position fell. It closed at 5290 yuan/ton, down 7 points from the closing price on Friday

the EIA report of the U.S. energy agency lowered the daily oil demand forecast of the United States in April by 863000 barrels to 1, and the production also increased by 9.768 million barrels year by year, with a year-on-year decline of 811000 barrels, the lowest level in the same period in six years. Weak demand made some bulls withdraw from the wait-and-see

eia inventory: according to preliminary estimates, last week, crude oil and gasoline in the United States increased by 100000 barrels, jaw maintenance of tensile testing machine, distillate oil increased by 1.7 million barrels, and refinery capacity utilization increased by 0.5% to 89.1%. Some analysts believe that crude oil inventory data have less and less impact on the trend of oil prices, and the oil market is more affected by geopolitical and dollar factors

in terms of international news, on Monday, the executive chairman of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation Saad said that the bipolar plate in the fuel cell, any current military action in the Gulf region will lead to the oil price breaking through the $200/barrel mark. Iran's current crude oil production capacity is 3million barrels per day. If war breaks out, the international market will lose this part of supply. Previously, jashin qassaz, general manager of the national oil company of Iran, said that Iran's daily oil production reached 4.23 million barrels on the 27th, a record high for the country's daily oil production, and that Iran's oil fields still have the capacity to increase production, and plans to increase the daily oil production to 4.28 million barrels by the end of this year

it was previously reported that Bonny Light Crude Oil equipment was attacked last weekend, which was confirmed by the Nigerian oil minister on the 30th, but it was not clear whether it led to the interruption of local oil field production

in addition, Saudi Arabia's oil minister Naimi said that if the market demand is strong, Saudi Arabia can increase its oil production to 11million barrels/day. A CEO of the Indian oil company said on the 30th that the company raised the domestic aviation fuel price in India by 4.4% in July

in the domestic market, the price of Huangpu fuel oil rose, but the import volume continued to decline, and few transactions were reached. The situation of high crude oil and no market for fuel oil cannot be eased, but it is expected that with the arrival of the peak demand in summer, the situation is expected to be eased. The operation of Shanghai fuel oil futures is mainly wait-and-see, or rush higher and short

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