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The output value of Hefei photovoltaic industry in the first October was 11.83 billion, and the orders were scheduled to next year

recently, the temperature dropped sharply, but it was warm for Hefei photovoltaic enterprises. Many orders were scheduled to next year, so they had to work overtime and produce at full capacity to try their best to meet customer needs

in the context of the national photovoltaic industry reshuffle, Hefei photovoltaic industry has also experienced fierce storms in the market, but after the baptism, the photovoltaic industry has become stronger and more dynamic. At present, the pace of enterprise recovery has accelerated, and photovoltaic applications have frequently come up with new ideas

the cold winter has passed, and orders have increased.

how can you see a rainbow without going through wind and rain? After the cold winter, Hefei photovoltaic industry has welcomed bursts of warm wind, and the signal of recovery is sprouting on this hot land

in September, Sichuan Tongwei group took over Hefei LDK at a price of 870 million yuan; On November 18, Tongwei solar energy (Hefei) Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation in Hefei high tech Zone. The confidence of production comes from the orders in hand. On the day of production, Liu Hanyuan, chairman of Tongwei group, said that Tongwei has cooperation with domestic and foreign photovoltaic enterprises, and all sales orders have been signed by the end of December. Now, the order has been extended to next year

the resumption of Saiwei's production is a signal of the recovery of Hefei's photovoltaic industry, and the full production and increase in production of many photovoltaic enterprises herald the full recovery of Hefei's photovoltaic industry. Hairun PV has 16 production lines, and now another 9 production lines are also ready for construction and installation; Jingao solar currently has a production capacity of 500MW, and plans to expand production to 1.9gw next year; The shipment volume of sunshine power supply this year is expected to reach 3gw, a record high. The relevant person in charge of the electronic information and software division of the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology told

the comparison of a group of data also confirms the continuous improvement of the photovoltaic industry. Last year, in the harsh market environment of the photovoltaic industry in the early 21st century, when it was the golden age of caprolactam, Hefei's solar cell and module production capacity reached 8GW, with an output value of 12.2 billion yuan; From January to October this year, the output value of Hefei photovoltaic industry was 11.83 billion yuan, an increase of 15.4% year-on-year

innovative mode leads demand

on the thick cement pier, gray solar panels stretch their arms to embrace the sun; Under the solar panel, crabs, fish and shrimp play in the water. Fish and shrimp farming has achieved economic benefits, and solar panel power generation is a considerable income. This is the scene that will appear after the completion and operation of the demonstration base of Yu Guang complementary power station in Baihu Town, Lujiang County

fish light complementarity, as the name suggests, is the combination of fishery breeding and photovoltaic applications. On the one hand, it makes use of the advantages of water resources for breeding, on the other hand, it develops photovoltaic applications to improve land utilization, while increasing economic benefits, and realizing the harmonious beauty of power generation at the top and fish farming at the bottom. It is understood that the first 20MW phase of the fishery light complementary project, which is jointly operated by Hefei Juneng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Lujiang County, has been completed and is being promoted and power generation. The benefits brought by the three-dimensional space development of fish and light complementation are also considerable. The company's on-site project leader told that the construction scale of the whole project is 50MW, and the annual power generation can be 26435mwh after completion

in the high-tech zone, a new model integrating solar photovoltaic and architecture is also being tried. It is understood that this product, called building photovoltaic honeycomb module, is a new standard building material that integrates photovoltaic power generation, building decoration, energy conservation and insulation, fire prevention and waterproof and other functions. It can replace the insulation layer, waterproof layer, decorative layer and other materials of the roof or wall. More importantly, because it integrates the functions of photovoltaic power generation, the house built with this material will be able to generate electricity by itself

the application tentacles are more and more extensive

last year, when the development of photovoltaic industry encountered a cold winter, Hefei led enterprises to explore the western development market and helped enterprises expand the market by strengthening cooperation with Xinjiang, Gansu, Qinghai and other places; This year, the application of the tentacles of more and more extensive, roof industrial power stations, household photovoltaic power stations, photovoltaic poverty alleviation to the countryside, high-tech zone distributed demonstration zone 32MW project photovoltaic application flowers in all fields

the promotion of photovoltaic applications is still in-depth. Wabu Lake and Huangpi lake are good resources for the development of solar photovoltaic power stations. Now many enterprises welcome you to pay attention to Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. and actively look for such ground preparation for the construction of photovoltaic power stations. In addition, projects such as greenhouse photovoltaic power stations, solar landscape street lamps on Chaohu Avenue, solar charging piles for electric vehicles, and three no demonstration communities are also actively promoted. The head of the electronic information and software department of the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology also revealed that next year Hefei will not only increase the photovoltaic market development in areas rich in solar energy resources such as the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, Yunnan Guizhou Plateau and Inner Mongolia Gaodu lidingyuan, but also plan to promote enterprises to the international market and lead enterprises to develop foreign resources

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