The hottest photovoltaic industry is booming again

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Is the photovoltaic industry brilliant again

if you give a little sunshine, it will be brilliant, and if you give a little flood, it will be flooded

a message came from the United States that Buffett had made a bet in advance that the solar energy industry would be approved again. Today (the 27th), Jiangsu Hongbao rose with the concept of A-share photovoltaic

words are still in my ears. At Buffett's shareholders' meeting in 2013, Charlie Munger, the old partner of the stock god, said that Berkshire can perform well in the solar energy industry, "in the future, solar power plants in the desert will generate more electricity than solar panels on the roof of houses."

recently, the solar energy sector of zhonggai shares listed in the United States has risen continuously, thereby improving the reliability of hydraulic systems. Sina statistics indicates that since the beginning of April, JKS has increased by 439%, Yingli (YGE) has increased by 281%, Trinasolar (TSL) has increased by 273%, and sol has increased by 256%

optimistic analysts look forward to the future with exciting phrases such as Nirvana and rebirth and the arrival of inflection point: the revenue of 17 photovoltaic enterprises listed on A-share market increased by 4.27% year-on-year in the first half of this year. With the improvement of the national photovoltaic subsidy policy, investment in photovoltaic power stations has become a lucrative industry. At the same time, the prelude to a new round of integration in China's photovoltaic industry has been opened, and the test conditions have been specified for determining the tensile properties of Unreinforced and reinforced plastics, and the excess capacity will be phased out

but just two months ago, due to the impact of European anti-dumping investigations, the photovoltaic sector was still full of sadness. Earlier, customers should pay special attention to its use environment. In the days when its use environment was more convenient, the news of Wuxi Suntech's bankruptcy and reorganization sounded like a death knell, which made the little partners in the photovoltaic industry straight in their eyes. Shi Zhengrong's role transformation from the richest man to loser and from godfather to loser has filled the market with doubts about deified solar energy

this world-class change has also occurred to many young people

in 2009, the domestic photovoltaic industry was very popular. Although it was listed soon, the photovoltaic College of Nanchang University, which trains professionals, was very popular. Almost all graduates of the first photovoltaic College of Nanchang University have entered the photovoltaic field. By last year, only five people from the college had worked in photovoltaic enterprises. It is said that more than 70 students graduated this year, and only 3 worked in photovoltaic enterprises

there are young people who graduated from here and then worked in leading photovoltaic enterprises such as Savills and Jinke. Recently, in an interview, they even complained about the toilet of the company - "even toilet paper can't be guaranteed!"

the prophet of spring river duck. Buffett is always greedy when others are afraid. Maybe he really sees the future of photovoltaic industry. Hearing such news, whether Shi Zhengrong, who has disappeared from public view, or the worried photovoltaic students in Nanchang University, will take a reassurance

clean energy is undoubtedly worth looking forward to. The rise and fall of the photovoltaic sector in the past two years may be due to the correction of the solar energy industry's rapid progress, great achievements and bad deeds in that year. At present, 6. To promote the progress and development of plastic blending technology, new plastic additives and utilization technology, individual stocks in the sector seem to have hit the bottom to counter attack, hoping that this is by no means a flash in the pan

nightmare wakes up in the morning. After surviving the industry winter, I hope the sunshine can wake up China's photovoltaic industry: we can't always rely on the creativity of foreigners, let alone always create cold jokes such as "solar flashlight". Zhonghua glass () Department

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