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The photovoltaic industry needs policy assistance, and enterprises need more self-help

China's photovoltaic industry, which suffers from domestic and foreign troubles, has ushered in a "warm spring" of policy again. On June 14, the executive meeting of the State Council studied promoting the healthy development of photovoltaic industry. Affected by this, the share prices of solar energy enterprises soared collectively

for some time, the photovoltaic industry has continued to become the focus of public opinion. Especially after the bottleneck of industry development, the survival and development of photovoltaic industry has become a hot topic in the whole society

as for the problems existing in the photovoltaic industry, as early as August 26, 2009, the State Council held an executive meeting to remind that there is a tendency of repeated construction in the polysilicon industry. On December 19, 2012, the executive meeting of the State Council specially studied the policies for the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry and put forward five measures to solve the problems encountered by the photovoltaic industry, such as serious overcapacity, excessive market dependence on external demand, and general business difficulties of enterprises. After half a year, the executive meeting of the State Council studied the photovoltaic industry again, which shows the importance the country attaches to the photovoltaic industry

unlike in the past, this time the country once again helps the photovoltaic industry, with a special background, that is, at the critical period of the EU's "double anti" photovoltaic products to China. This also shows the attitude and determination of the state to support the photovoltaic industry to get out of difficulties and develop healthily. For Chinese photovoltaic enterprises that have just faced the EU anti-dumping tax rate, it is undoubtedly a ray of sunshine

at present, the proportion of photovoltaic power generation in China's total domestic power generation is very small, and the power generation structure is still dominated by thermal power generation. However, as a rare industry with international competitiveness in China, photovoltaic industry is an important way to promote the adjustment of energy structure. It is worth noting that the State Council has linked the photovoltaic industry with the "upgraded version" of China's economy this time, and proposed that while trying to consolidate the international market, we should use reform methods to play the role of market mechanism, strive to stimulate effective demand in the domestic market, and promote industrial innovation and upgrading

in terms of measures, the six new policies are very pragmatic and are also the starting point for solving the problems of the photovoltaic industry. For example, power enterprises should ensure that supporting electricity and photovoltaic power generation projects are constructed and put into operation simultaneously, give priority to photovoltaic power generation plans, and purchase the total amount of power generated. We will expand the scale of renewable energy funds and ensure that the funds for electricity subsidies for distributed photovoltaic power generation are released in a timely manner. Encourage financial institutions to take measures to alleviate the financing difficulties of photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises

some people conclude that these six new policies, distributed generation has broadened the application scope of photovoltaic power generation, and the full acquisition of the generated power has stimulated the operation efficiency of photovoltaic enterprises and protected the interests of enterprises (Fuzhou Daily); The way of kilowatt hour subsidy will completely change the previous subsidy mode. The national subsidy will really be implemented to photovoltaic enterprises, and the support of photovoltaic financing will also make most photovoltaic enterprises with high financial pressure see hope

there is no doubt that after the policy of the State Council is issued, the vanadium value of the follow-up policy of the photovoltaic industry will return and be repaired to a certain extent in the future. Combing the previous media reports, the brewing policies include the implementation rules of the "distributed photovoltaic demonstration zone" project; Photovoltaic power generation price system; Photovoltaic industry access standards; Fiscal and tax policies, etc. The ultimate goal of policy support is to achieve a new round of technological revolution in photovoltaic power generation, which poses a severe challenge to the plastic processing industry, and traditional energy power generation is competitive and replaceable

however, some problems should not be ignored to support the photovoltaic industry to get out of difficulties and develop healthily. For example, distributed photovoltaic power generation is in the ascendant in China, but enterprises are always hesitant. The timeliness of photovoltaic power generation subsidies is an old problem that many photovoltaic enterprises have repeatedly reflected. Some policies may involve the interests of multiple departments and how to coordinate them in the future. Therefore, the future of photovoltaic "market rescue" policy also depends on how to formulate it more specifically and in detail, and the most critical thing is to implement it in place and implement it effectively, so that the torsional fatigue performance test-bed of automobile transmission shaft can achieve the expected effect

at the same time, the photovoltaic industry is an important development direction of the new energy industry. Driven by the downturn of the global photovoltaic market, the "double anti" and other objective factors in Europe and the United States, in addition to the "other rescue" of national policies, photovoltaic enterprises need to take the initiative to "save themselves", overcome the urgent achievements and instant benefits in the past development, and truly become a strategic industry leading the future. Zhonghua glass () Department

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