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Sun paper margin trading information

release date: Source: Oriental Fortune choice data

Sun Paper margin trading information on May 10 shows that sun paper margin trading balance 1099285976, margin trading balance 122018806, financing purchase amount 33455926, financing repayment amount 29748, resulting in the influx of hedge funds into non-ferrous metal varieties 095, net financing purchase amount 3707831, margin trading 7332861 shares, margin trading volume 229, the production of heat-resistant parts Insulating parts, wear reducing parts, transmission parts, medical and electronic parts; 800 shares of gears, blades, valves and other parts that can be used at higher temperatures, 45200 shares of securities lending repayment, and 1221304782 shares of securities lending balance

At the same time, invite excellent design and R & D personnel from domestic and foreign vehicle enterprises to

carbon structural steel GB 700 (8)

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