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Rise suddenly, see how XCMG environmental industry breaks the situation

rise suddenly, see how XCMG environmental industry breaks the situation

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and usually the thickness of casting belt blank is 20mm; According to the senior technician of Hazlet company, more than 300 years ago, Newton, a British scientist, had a famous saying, "if I see farther than others, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants". Looking back at the development of the environmental industry of XCMG group, it is once again verified that this Tao often uses 1 gram per 10000. Less than two years after its establishment, XCMG environment Co., Ltd. made comprehensive efforts around the two business segments of "environmental protection product sales + environmental pollution control services" under the group platform. In 2016, it achieved 711 million sales revenue, a year-on-year increase of 160%. Breakthroughs have been made in environmental sanitation operation and garbage recycling business. The market share of three major categories of products, including road sweepers, washing and sweeping trucks, and carriage detachable garbage trucks, has further increased to the top four in the industry. The sales of ice and snow removal equipment exceeded 100million yuan for the first time, once again demonstrating the "XCMG speed" in China's environmental protection market

in recent years, the discussion about ecological and environmental problems has become increasingly fierce, and the most direct is the frequent occurrence of large-scale and seriously polluted weather. According to the latest "China environmental situation bulletin" of the Ministry of environmental protection, in 2015, among the 338 cities above the prefecture level, only 21.6% of the cities reached the ambient air quality standard, and the rest 78.4% of the cities exceeded the standard. The difference between "looking forward to food and clothing" and "looking forward to environmental protection" has aroused great concern of the whole society. As the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee identified "green" as one of the five development concepts, a tough battle against environmental pollution is starting in China

in this context, XCMG Group invested 100million yuan to establish Xuzhou XCMG Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. in August 2015, aiming to expand business areas such as environmental protection products and pollution control services. "XCMG environment company should use its strong investment to promote XCMG's transformation and adjustment and the construction of new profit fundamentals, and cultivate and build XCMG's new strategic business forms and new growth highlights." Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, has high hopes for the development of environmental industry. "At present, the environmental industry is a sunrise enterprise during the economic structure transformation, and the new development trend brings more opportunities for enterprise transformation and upgrading." Liuqingdong, general manager of XCMG environmental company, said, "XCMG environmental industry has formed a development framework dominated by five product groups, including domestic waste comprehensive treatment equipment, road cleaning equipment, ice and snow removal equipment, waste recycling equipment, and construction waste treatment equipment, and has entered the field of environmental sanitation operation services, environmental pollution control, and waste recycling."

in less than two years, XCMG's environmental industry has quickly caught up with and surpassed the industry, relying on opportunities? Or what "tricks"? "Ask Qu Na to be so clear, for there is a source of fresh water.". "At the beginning of 2016, chairman Wang Min encouraged us to 'do a big job' in the new year. I think only through continuous innovation and formation of mechanisms can we ensure the vitality and momentum of enterprise production and operation." Liuqingdong, general manager of XCMG environment company, made a clear statement

innovation driven helps industrial upgrading

autumn is the harvest season. On October 12, 2016, the finals of the first "XCMG Cup" green innovative design competition, which competed around "environmental cleaning equipment", came to a perfect conclusion. The competition attracted 720 contestants from 18 countries in Germany, Brazil, South Korea and 34 regions in Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to sign up for the competition and submitted 285 groups of works. After the preliminary and final competitions, 19 groups of works won the first, second, third prizes and excellence awards. "This is not simply a competition in the traditional sense, but a new attempt of technological innovation to embrace Internet +, which is the entry point for XCMG to build an open and shared cloud platform." Wang Min pointed out. XCMG environment company, as the main promoter, participant and applicator of this competition, has benefited a lot. It has not only attracted the attention of all walks of life, but also absorbed many new ideas and ideas of product development from the entries. "According to the original intention of the competition, the environment company has begun to conduct further research and Research on several award-winning works, and we want to truly transform the results of the competition into products and put them into the market." Cheng Lei, deputy general manager of XCMG environment company, revealed

group photos of leaders, guests and award-winning contestants in the green innovation competition

on July 15, 2016, XCMG's "XCMG cloud" technology crowdfunding platform was officially launched, grafted with industrial interconnection thinking, and widely solicited solutions worldwide. XCMG environment Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise in the group to try technological innovation through this platform. At present, it has released the industrial technical problem of "miniaturized low-noise and high-efficiency fan" applied to road cleaning products. It strives to design and develop a new fan for road sweepers through XCMG cloud platform for global intelligence, striving to be smaller, less noisy and more efficient, To greatly reduce the energy consumption and noise of road sweeper operation. After the project was released, it quickly attracted the high attention of many universities, including Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Dalian University of technology and other universities, domestic and foreign social research and development institutions and individuals. At present, the number of visitors to the website exceeds 50000. "Several project teams have entered specific docking research and development, and I believe exciting news will be released soon." Cheng Lei, deputy general manager of XCMG environment company, said mysteriously

At the beginning of its establishment, XCMG environment Co., Ltd. was unable to produce a series of environmental sanitation products that could "lead the way". However, in less than two years, XCMG environment company has created a series of green, environmental friendly and intelligent products with the concept of "green manufacturing green" guided by customer needs

on December 26th, 2015, at the first national dealers' annual meeting held by XCMG environment company, the "little bee" sjds1000a pure electric road sweeper, which was unveiled for the first time, attracted a lot of onlookers from the participants. Its beautiful color shape brightened people's eyes in the gray cold day. Its lightweight and small design made the product widely used in garbage cleaning in sidewalks, scenic spots and other areas. Since then, it began to travel all over Gansu, Jiangxi, Hebei, Shaanxi and other parts of the country and was widely favored

when it comes to "little bee", Jia Wenbin and his team have a lot of feelings: "it is a product that we personally assemble, debug and track services from design to production and then to the market. There is no reason why we can't do our best." They have poured too much energy and emotion into "little bee". People familiar with Jia Wenbin know that he is always covered with oil, mud and sweat, but his efforts will always be rewarded, and honors will follow. This product has won the 2015 Golden Point Design Award, 2016 China Design Red Star Award and 2016 Jiangsu industrial design product silver award respectively, but more importantly, there is a steady stream of market orders. It is understood that the "little bee" family will gradually grow in 2017, and sjch500a, sjdh500a, sjch1000a, sjdh1000a road sweepers will be trial produced and put into the market

"little bee" sjds1000a pure electric road sweeper

in addition, a number of domestic first environmental sanitation products with high-end technology in the industry, such as dry and wet road sweepers, 8t side mounted garbage trucks, chemical grouting trucks, and yjg26 intelligent station integrating intelligence, informatization and unmanned, have also won high praise from the market and customers. New energy products such as 8-ton ng road sweeper, 8-ton ng washing and sweeping vehicle, 1-ton pure electric road sweeper and 1-ton pure electric hook arm vehicle have been trial produced, and a number of pure electric products will be introduced to the market in succession

XCMG environment company's product group

global layout, accelerating the promotion of market-oriented services

in December 2016, XCMG environment company's "equipment manufacturing enterprise marketing management based on the full value chain" project won the 23rd Jiangsu Province Enterprise Management Innovation Award. XCMG environment company made a further breakthrough in the transformation of the marketing management system of the enterprise's full value chain based on market demand in 2016, and laid the foundation for the leapfrog development of the environmental sanitation, environmental protection and environmental industry

at present, it has become the consensus in the industry that mechanized cleaning of urban main and secondary roads has replaced manual cleaning. Mechanized cleaning has become the general trend. The mechanized cleaning rate in most large and medium-sized cities has reached 70%, and the mechanized cleaning rate in some economically developed cities has even reached 90%. In May 2016, XCMG environmental company implemented another customized set of solutions, and nearly 70 XCMG environmental sanitation products were stationed in Tengchong, Yunnan, serving the road cleaning, garbage collection and transportation in the main urban area of Tengchong and seven towns. Through fixed-point research, systematic combing of relevant information such as urban planning objectives, population status and current environmental sanitation equipment level, the project has customized the comprehensive environmental treatment solution for the region with the goal of mechanized cleaning rate of more than 90%. After the implementation of the project, the number of sanitation workers in the city has been reduced from more than 460 to more than 200 at present, which not only improves the cleaning efficiency, but also greatly reduces the labor cost

government public service outsourcing is the general trend of China's economic and social development. As early as 1994, Shenzhen Luohu District government took the lead in implementing environmental health service outsourcing in the country and continued to lead the development direction of the property management industry. In order to advance the layout, break the pattern of single government customers, and take the lead in the future competition pattern, XCMG environment company began to establish a strategic partnership with Shenzhen sanitation and cleaning industry association in October 2015. In 2016 alone, XCMG sanitation equipment with a cumulative amount of nearly 40million yuan successively entered Shenzhen to serve the urban environment of the special zone. Liu Qing, President of Shenzhen sanitation and cleaning industry association, said, "I didn't know XCMG's working environment. It should be said that through more than one year of cooperation, the Shenzhen market has once again seen the strength of XCMG's brand. In the next step, we will further cooperate with XCMG to help the urban construction of Shenzhen and even the whole country.". In addition, XCMG environment has also reached strategic cooperation intentions with many well-known property companies in Liaoning, Zhejiang, Wuxi, Hefei and other places, achieving a new breakthrough in the market segmentation of property companies

in August 2015, in bausso, MG state of Brazil, XCMG Brazil held a press conference of "urban beauty, XCMG help" complete environmental sanitation equipment, and donated washing and sweeping vehicles to the municipal government of bausso for municipal cleaning, which was widely praised by the local society. When the beautiful "Jasmine Flower" music of car washing and sweeping sounded in the streets of bausso City, citizens stopped one after another for XCMG products, and expressed their deep respect for Chinese enterprises serving the local area with more enthusiasm. According to Ye Gang, deputy general manager of XCMG environment company: "At present, the Brazilian government mainly adopts the leasing or contracting system for local environmental governance. The road cleaning is mainly manual, and the local mechanized cleaning rate is less than 5%, which is far from the current domestic level. Taking Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, as an example, the current resident population is 12million, and it needs at least 240 sanitation equipment to meet the needs of urban road cleaning and garbage collection and transportation, but there are only 12 sanitation equipment in the local area. This shows that the Brazilian market has a huge demand for sanitation equipment ". XCMG environment has developed two new products for the local market in Brazil, and achieved mass local production and sales with the help of XCMG Brazil's platform. "At present, XCMG's environmental sanitation products have been exported in batches to America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong

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